by David E. Storey

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News Introduction

 Monday, September 6th
Released dbMetrix v0.1.9. This release includes Stace A. Zacharov's Oracle fixes.
 Friday, July 30th
Released dbMetrix v0.1.8. It should compile (and work) with gtk v1.2 now. =)
 Saturday, December 26th
Merry Christmas! I've released dbMetrix v0.1.7. It adds some things people have been sending me patches for, most notably, Oracle and aliases for Postgres. My current intentions are to setup a CVS tree so that folks can make changes to the development tree directly.
 Wednesday, December 2nd
Did I mention I've been busy? =) School's almost over. About one week left to go. After that, I'll clean up what I've done and release v2.0. (Will have Sybase support.)

dbMetrix is a copy-lefted, open-sourced SQL database tool. My goal is to write a very graphical, clean, consistent, modularized front end to various (currently opensourced) SQL servers. I plan to incorporate administration utilities, sql dumps, dbf2sql/sql2dbf and client support for all supported data sources. My motivation for writing dbMetrix is a current lack of nice, truely GUI SQL admin/client tools. Most of the tools available are written for a single, specific SQL server in mind and are usually only a GUI-fied text interface. dbMetrix supports multiple and various SQL servers simultaneously, however it is not a multi-threaded application.
Requirements Current Status

GTK (v1.1 with dbMetrix v0.1.5)
tested with v1.0.{4,5}
tested with v3.21.33 and v3.21.33b
tested with v2.0.4.1
tested with v6.3.2
tested with v2.2
tested with v8.0.5?

My primary goal, for now, is to stablize the code base and come up with a better data source API. This is not to say that dbMetrix isn't usable. In fact, I prefer dbMetrix over the current text based clients. Once the API is done, I will worry about supporting more than just MySQL.
I'm totally open to ideas. I wrote dbMetrix purely for myself and for some friends of mine that whine about the text based nature of unix. So now they should have nothing to complain about.