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Platform and Source Support

The development platform I use is Slackware Linux. If you cannot get dbMetrix to compile on another platform or distribution, please let me know. I may be able to test things out under Solaris and DEC Unix, but I haven't quite gotten that far yet. If you couldn't compile something at first, but modified the source to make it work, please email me the patch. I'd love to incorporate it and give credit where credit is due!
Database Support

Currently, I like to think I support MySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL and Solid, but I am heavily biased towards MySQL since that is my SQL server of choice. If I had access to client libraries and a server, I would add support for other data sources as well. I would like to add support for dbf files. The idea is to implement drag and drop support between any data sources for updating/copying tuples and/or data structures.
GUI Support

I use GTK v1.0 because I like it. GTK v1.1 is a development release of GTK and is very likely to change over time. As a result, dbMetrix does not support GTK v1.1 at this time. I'd like to think that I could write dbMetrix with multiple toolkit targets such as GTK, Motif and Qt. I'm taking a class in Computer Graphics this fall and I believe I will probably have to write a Motif Application. Looks like I'll get my chance to generalize the GUI and add Motif(Lesstif) support.